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The next meeting of the Environmental Commission is tentatively  scheduled for August 8, 2018 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Environmental Programs Division (EPD) Building –  located  at 71 Mike Frost Way, Ignacio, Colorado. The draft agenda will be posted when available.


The Mission of the Environmental Commission is to oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive and effective program for the protection of air quality throughout the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Stated Purpose

To establish the rules and regulations applicable to the Reservation Air Program and conduct review of appealable administrative actions (per Intergovernmental Agreement (“IGA”) Section VII).

The Commission consists of six members, three appointed by the Tribal Council of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and three appointed by the Governor of Colorado. The Commission members shall serve for terms of three years, with the possibility of being re-appointed at the end of the term. The Commission will annually elect a person to preside as chair. The chair shall alternate annually between a Tribal and State member. During their term of service, a member may be removed with or without cause only by the authority that appointed that member.

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe/State of Colorado Environmental Commission will conduct regular meetings to discuss and rule on air quality issues on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. The majority of these meetings will be open to the public and interested parties. The meetings will consist of informational presentations by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Air Quality Program and others to aid the Commission in decision making, as well as rule making hearings.

Procedural Rules

The Procedural Rules of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and State of Colorado Environmental Commission establish the procedures the Commission will follow in holding meetings, selecting air quality programs that should apply to the Reservation and promulgating the standards, rules and regulations for those programs, and reviewing appealable administrative actions taken by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

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