FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lorelei Cloud returns to leadership, sworn into Southern Ute Tribal Council


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Lorelei Cloud returns to leadership, sworn into Southern Ute Tribal Council

Southern Ute Indian Reservation – Ms. Lorelei Cloud successfully received majority of the votes cast in the 2021 General Election held on Friday, November 5, 2021. According to the Southern Ute Tribal Election, the two Tribal Council Candidates receiving the majority of votes will be elected to the Tribal Council. Only Ms. Cloud received majority of votes cast.


The Southern Ute Election Board confirmed the following election results:


Office of Tribal Council                                    No. of Votes

Vanessa P. Torres                                                      145

Lorelei Cloud                                                              155

Bruce Valdez                                                               133

Cedric Chavez                                                              74

Lindsay J. Box                                                             97


Newly elected Tribal Council Member, Lorelei Cloud, has previously served two terms on Tribal Council. In her first term she served as Vice-Chairman, and in both terms, she served as Tribal Council Treasurer. Ms. Cloud served as the Chairman of the Permanent Fund Investment Committee and the Tribe’s Audit Committee. While in office, she advocated for tribal water rights and represented the Tribe on the Ten Tribes Partnership, serving as Chairman from 2017-2018.


During Ms. Cloud’s year out of office, she maintained her commitment to tribal water rights, serving as a member of the Water and Tribes Initiative and the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Network (as Co-Chairman).


“I am deeply honored to be elected once again by the Southern Ute tribal membership, to be their voice on Tribal Council. I look forward to making decisions which yield maximum benefits for our people,” stated Council Member Cloud.


Council Member Cloud is a true advocate for Ute language, traditions, and culture; actively participating in cultural events and traditional gatherings. She has four children (three daughters and one son) and three grandchildren.


The second Tribal Council seat will be determined by a run-off election to be held on Friday, December 17, 2021. Candidates in the 2021 Run-Off Election are Vanessa P. Torres and W. Bruce Valdez.




Photo Credit | Jeremy Wade Shockley, Southern Ute Drum

20211204 – Lorelei Cloud returns to leadership, sworn into Tribal Council (FINAL with Photo)