FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tribal Council moves to Phase II “Safer at Home”, Level 3


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 29, 2021 


Tribal Council moves to Phase II “Safer at Home”, Level 3  

Southern Ute Indian Reservation  Effective Monday, March 29, 2021, the Southern Ute Tribal Council approved lifting the tribal “Stay at Home” Order and moving into a less restrictive Phase II “Safer at Home”, Level 3.  

Tribal Council, in consultation with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Incident Management Team (IMT), approved and updated Appendix A of the Tribe-wide Recovery Plan for the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The update defines Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic, outlines Key Metrics to be monitored to determine the Phase, and specifies restrictions and protective measures to be followed during each of the Phases.  The Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic include, Phase 1: “Stay at Home”, Phase 2: “Safer at Home” which include 3 levels, Phase 3: “Protect Our Neighbors” and Phase 4: “Full Recovery”.  Phase 1: “Stay at Home” is the most restrictive phase while Phase 2 and 3 have fewer restrictions until Phase 4: “Fully Recovery” is achieved. 

Three Key Metrics which include – New Cases, % Positivity, and Hospitalizations – will be monitored and, as transmission rates increase or decrease, the Phase for the COVID-19 Pandemic will be adjusted accordingly.  The actual phase will be determined by the most stringent of the three metrics.  Restrictions will also be adjusted through the various phases to control spread of the virus.  The following graphic outlines the Key Metrics and Restrictions to be followed during each of the Phases. 

Although the Tribe moved to “Safer at Home”, the Tribal offices remain closed to the public. The anticipated reopening plans and target date are forthcoming. The Sky Ute Casino Resort reopening date will also be forthcoming. The Casino’s operations will be reduced as the Tribe enters Phase II “Safer at Home”, Level 3, and continue to adapt operations to the tribal COVID-19 Phases detailed below. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe will continue to prioritize the health and safety of the tribal membership, tribal staff, guests, and community as we continue through the pandemic and while cautiously reopening 

Below is what to expect as the Tribe moves to Phase II “Safer at Home”, Level 3.  

The following activities are allowed: 

  • Allowed to shop for groceries and all necessities. Go to the grocery store 
  • Allowed to visit your local pharmacists Pick up medications 
  • Allowed to visit your doctor’s office. Go to medical appointments 
  • Allowed to dine in a restaurant, provided all protective measures of the establishment are followed 
  • Allowed to visit and take care of a family member or friend 
  • Allowed to spend time outdoors to enjoy activities such as walking, hiking, playing, or picnicking at a park, etc. 
  • Allowed to exercise indoors or outdoors provided capacity restrictions and protective measures are followed 
  • Allowed to take your pets to veterinarian appointments 
  • Allowed to assist family members and friends with tasks  
  • Allowed to attend school 
  • Allowed to work provided capacity restrictions and protective measures are followedRemote work should still be maximized whenever possible 

The following activities are not allowed: 

  • Not recommended to report to work on campus if you are considered high-risk. Telework should still be maximized whenever possible. 
  • Not allowed to leave your home or visit family members or friends when ill. 
  • Not allowed to maintain less than 6 feet of distance between you and non-household members when you go out 
  • Not allowed to visit loved ones who are non-household members in the hospital, nursing home, or other residential care facility  
  • Not allowed to stop using a face mask or covering when away from your home  

Restrictions in Phase II, Level 3: 

  • Personal gatherings are restricted to 5 individuals or less 
  • Indoor capacity is restricted to 25% and 25 maximum capacity 
  • Outdoor capacity is restricted to 25% and 50 maximum capacity 

For more information, please visit the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s website and social media, in the Southern Ute Drum, and on the air at KSUT Tribal Radio. Individuals can also call the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s COVID-19 Call Center Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 970.563.0214. Individuals are encouraged to contact the various tribal entities for specific information; please use the point of contact listed below: 


  • Sky Ute Casino Resort, Mr. Charley Flagg at 970.563.1350 or via email at 
  • Southern Ute Growth Fund & Southern Ute Shared Services, Mr. Shane Seibel at 970.563.5006 or via email at 
  • Southern Ute Permanent Fund, Mr. James Olguin at 970.563.2314 or via email at 


If you are sick, please self-isolate. If your symptoms begin to worsen, please call your primary healthcare provider or the Southern Ute Health Center at 970.563.4581. Do not arrive at your primary health care provider office without calling to notify the professionals of your symptoms.  

Please continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, cough and sneeze into the bend of your elbow or in a tissue then throw the tissue away. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects in your home. Please continue to practice social distancing staying 6 feet away from others. Stay connected with your loved ones and our tribal elders. 

Key Metrics and Restrictions for Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic 


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