Southern Ute Indian Tribe Run-Off Election 2020 COVID-19 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS & VOTING DAY PROCEDURES

Due to COVID-19 and winter coming up, the Election Board will be supervising and administering the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Run-Off Election 2020 at SunUte Community Center, Ignacio CO.

  • Voting will take place inside SunUte meeting rooms as in previous elections due to winter conditions
  • 2 voters in the polling place at one time.
  • An “X” will be located outside on the sidewalk next to the meeting room outside doors, marking every (6) feet where voters will stand when more than one voter is present.
  • We ask all voters to please wear a mask. If you do not have one we will provide a disposable one for your use.
  • Sanitizing of the voting booths will occur throughout the day, please be patient.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for your use, please sanitize before coming to the election area.
    The counting of the ballots will be a closed session, only the board members and personnel assisting the board in this process will be allowed for safety due to it being in an enclosed area.
    For Absentee Ballot request contact Election Board at 970-563-2303 or ext. 2305/2729/2728
    Off Reservation Tribal Members phone 1-800-772-1236 ext. 2303

Please click on the following link to preview what the ballot looks like:
Run – Off Sample Ballot 2020