Minor’s Trust Early Cutoff Dates for 2020

Minor’s Trust Early Cutoff Dates for 2020

Just a reminder that the normal cutoff for Minors/Birthday requests is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays with a Friday distribution date. Because of the holidays, early cut off dates for the rest of this year and next year are:


Noon, Friday, December 20: distribution December 27th

Noon, Friday, December 27: distribution January 3rd


Noon, Friday, May 22: distribution May 29th

Noon, Monday, June 29: distribution July 3rd

Noon, Friday, November 20: distribution November 25th

Noon, Friday, December 4: distribution December 9th

Noon, Monday, December 21: distribution December 24th

Noon, Monday, December 28: distribution December 31st


If you have any questions about a Minors/Birthday payment please contact Anne Flanigan, 970.563.2454. For regular distribution questions or concerns, please contact Barbara Prestel, 970.563.2260.