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2018 March

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Attention Agricultural Land Managers

Attention Agricultural Land Managers:

The Water Quality Program for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe is now accepting applications for use of gated pipe acquired by the Tribe’s Cost-Share Program.  The Cost-Share Program is aimed at land managers within the exterior boundaries of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation on the Animas, Florida and Pine watersheds who are interested in implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) for more efficient irrigation and/or riparian protection/improvements.  Specifically, the Cost-Share Program has acquired approximately 560 linear feet of 8-inch diameter gated pipe.  The pipe was purchased in 2010, but has not been used.  The Cost-Share Program makes no warranty of the quality or condition of the pipe.  The selected Cost-Share participant would be expected to pick up, haul, and install the pipe without assistance from the Cost-Share Program prior to the onset of the 2018 irrigation season.  The Cost-Share Program would retain ownership of the pipe, and the selected applicant would be expected to use the equipment for a period of five years.  After five years the participant would become the owner of the equipment.  These details would be outlined in a legal contract the participant would be expected to sign. Preference will be given to applicants that will use the pipe to replace less efficient flood irrigation and/or replace existing gate pipe that was installed for that purpose.  Please contact project coordinator Tim Funk at 970-563-2272 or if you would like an application.  Applications are due by 5:00 PM on March 23, 2018.

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