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Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Southern Ute Vocational Rehabilitation program provides dedicated, quality and culturally sensitive services to American Indians with disabilities residing in the Four Corners region in order to achieve their vocational potential and independence.

Vocational Rehabilitation Staff

Vocational Rehabilitation Staff

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation (SUITVR) Program assists American Indians with disabilities to prepare for, achieve and maintain employment. Services are custom designed to fit each individual’s needs.


The Southern Ute Indian Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation program is funded by a grant from the Federal Department of Education. The SUITVR program follows the policies and procedures set forth by both the Granter and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

Eligibility Determination

To be eligible to participate in the SUITVR Program:

  • You have to be an enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe. A copy of tribal enrollment identification card, letter, etc. is required.
  • You must live on or near the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.
  • You need to have a documented physical, mental, cognitive or developmental disability. If you don’t have copies of your records, the SUITVR Program can help you get this information.
    Some Examples of Disabilities Are:

    • Hearing loss
    • Vision problems
    • Complications from diabetes
    • Depression
    • Arthritis
    • Alcohol/Substance abuse
  • The disability must be creating challenges for obtaining, keeping, and maintaining employment. If you are not sure what the disability is or how it is making it difficult for you to find or maintain employment, the counselor can recommend different assessments that will help identify the disability and point out your abilities and interests.
  • You must have benefit from vocational rehabilitation services.
  • You have to have the desire to work and actively take part in the journey towards your employment goal.

Example Services Provided

If you are eligible to participate in SUITVR Program, you may receive support in the following:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Vocational evaluation and/or career exploration
  • Job seeking skills
  • Job development
  • Physical or technical aids needed to accommodate a disability in the workplace
  • Tools and equipment
  • Other Federally approved services needed to find and/or keep a job.

Ways to Apply

  • Complete the Vocational Rehabilitation Application Form¬†and send it directly to us.
  • Print the application, fill it out, and mail, or fax it to the program.
    Southern Ute Indian Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation
    P.O. Box 737
    116 Capote Drive
    Ignacio, CO 81137
    Fax – 970-563-4840
  • If you’d rather contact the administrative office, 970-563-4730, an application and brochure can be sent to you.
  • Come to our office and pick one up.