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Community & Home Health Services Thanksgiving Closure

Southern Ute Health Center Thanksgiving Closure

Animal Health Advisory Rabies Notice

The public and environmental health agency for Archuleta and La Plata counties have released the following notice.

2017 San Juan Basin Rabies Notice

Head Start Building Shut Down

The building occupied by the SUCAP Head Start program was built in the late 1930’s by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and buildings from this era sometimes contain hazardous materials. Recently, the Tribe contracted with an environmental consultant to conduct an assessment of the Head Start building. The Tribe received a final report identifying the presence of asbestos in the crawlspace of the Head Start building. After the Tribe received the report, it communicated the results of the assessment to SUCAP and began discussing a plan to vacate the building. To eliminate any potential risk for asbestos exposure and completely ensure the safety of the building occupants, the Tribe determined that it was in the best interest of the occupants to immediately shut down the Head Start building.